KRISTIE & COMPANY is the Branding Powerhouse that not only builds brands for our Sisters in Biz but wrangles our own Ranch & Famous GirlBrands - She is Whiskey in a Teacup and Champagne Ranch, LLC, where all of the creative magic happens. So, really, K&CO represents a kind-of branding trifecta all under one big Boujee French Farmhouse roof that we like to say is an ambition-drenched, Chippy/Shabby Boardroom, Barntique, Boujee Venue & B+B where the only business at hand is sipping Whiskey out of Teacups, Gussying Up for Events and engaging in Southern Girl Boss chatter about riding out at Sunset in sequin-coated chaps with All Guns Blazin'.

We're no run-of-the-mill branding house, either. We're so much more than logos web sites & events. We're brand pioneers and trailblazers. We're Marie Antoinette meets Annie Get Your Gun. We're Old West Paris. We're Gun-Smoked. We're Darling Desperados. We're Posh Pariahs. We're Top Knots & Double Shots. We're FrouFrou Fraulines. We’re Joie de Vintage. We’re Country Couture. We’re French Kissed. We’re Pink Champagne. We're Pretty Little Outlaws. We’re Whiskey in Teacups served on Tarnished Silver Platters. We’re Feathered in Top Hats & Leathered in Corsets. We’re Draped in Crystals. We’re layered in Lace. We’re dripping in Pearls. We’re slathered with Rust. We're Barn Dance Disco Globes. We're Pancho & Lefty drinking Cristal out of Sombreros. We're Rusty Chandelier-draped trees. We're Fire Pits & Fireflies. We're Cabernet by Starlight. We're Wayward, Whimsical Weddings. We're Envelope-Pushing Events. We're Cognac-Dipped Cigars. We're Swanky Grooms. We're Boujee Barn Sales. We're Soirees & Shindigs. We're Posh Nosh. We're Billowing Bed Pillows. We're Charcuteries & Chardonnay. We’re Vintage Champagne Flutes bubbling with creativity. We’re Devil-May-Care Designers of Ranch Style Threads, Bodacious Bijou & Rummaged Regalia. We’re Grit & Grace meets Pearls & Lace.

We’re Southern Girl Bosses running our own Wild West Branding Agency, Retail Store & Wedding & Event Venue. We are constantly pushing the creative envelope on branding, graphic design, retail, events and experiences, and trailblazing with ideas that we think will support other women in business. Forget thinking outside the proverbial box. We crush the box and toss it into the burn pile - which just so happens to be our firepit-in-the-round where we sit and brainstorm with champagne and S'mores.

But how did this start?

Owner Kristie Christensen is the common denominator. The creative glue that ties it all together. And KRISTIE & COMPANY is the culmination of her more than 20 years absorbing life and using that experience to turn ideas into bodacious brands, funky fashion, devil-may-care designs and boujee events. Her career began in hotels, planning weddings and running sales & marketing while nabbing her marketing degree. So she knows a thing or twelve about creating and taking brands to market. And some 20+ years later, all of that would become the center of the ring with her as the Ringmaster of this Wild West, Down South Creative Circus.

Kristie is a chronic entrepreneur who lives life to its fullest, and she considers every moment spent a form of inspiration for everything she does. A true brandaholic, some might say that her love for creating brands could use its own 12 step…but she gives them a wink, runs with arms wide open to that creative bottle (hopefully Pink Champagne)…and she drinks.

She brands. That what she does. She brands for our customers and for our own powerhouse brands, and our customers half hire her for her experience and half hire her for her unbridled passion for telling their stories. She has always handled all the brands with complete creative reckless abandon…and she does it well. Her killer combo lies in her ability to wrap creative design in a warm blanket of good strategy & authentic messaging.

She likes to say that she is right brained with left brain tendencies. So, she's great at helping you get started with all the nuts and bolts flotsam (like getting the right certificates, selecting names that work for web and social, crafting a business/marketing plan, etc.) and then tossing a little gold glitter on your vision with design. And, if you aren’t sure where to start or what to call your new venture, she and her growing team can help with that, too!

So, if creativity and authenticity are your vibe, let her help you build your brand. Or, if you already have a bodacious brand, then join our community of trailblazing women and be a part of our journey to bring our girlfriends in business into the spotlight through events, collabs & fellowship.